To discover the Romagna hinterland

Our advice to get to konw natural wonders and small villages around Riccione

Romagna is not just sea and beach. If you love being surrounded by greenery, strolling through the streets of small medieval villages, admiring unique landscapes, then below you will find many useful tips for exploring our wonderful hinterland.

Onferno caves:

It is one of the most important karst complexes in Italy, located in the hinterland of the Conca Valley, in the Onferno Nature Reserve. Thanks to a guided tour you can enter the cave, discovering constellations of rock formations and getting to know its small inhabitants.

Sasso Simone and Simoncello park:

Perfect for walks, trekking routes, and picnics surrounded by nature. Here you can admire breathtaking panoramic views of the hinterland and the coast.


A small medieval village known for its romantic castle, the background of the love story of Paolo and Francesca. Do not miss the "Magic Castle" in August, the perfect event for young and old and to light up your holiday with magic.

Republic of San Marino:

The microstate a few kilometers from Riccione, declared a UNESCO heritage site. Visit its splendid historical centre, walk along the "pass of the witches" which connects the Three Towers overlooking Mount Titano and treat yourself to the thrill of a breathtaking view of the entire coast.

San Leo:

Small village in the province of Rimini, defined by Umberto Eco as "the most beautiful city in Italy" with its fortress and two churches. Here was born the famous alchemist Conte di Cagliostro, to whom the Alchimia-Alchimie festival is dedicated every year.

Torriana e Montebello:

Famous for the mysteries that still surround the two castles. In fact, a legend tells that Gianciotto Malatesta was killed in Torriana.The charm of the Castello di Montebello instead derives from its nickname: "Castello di Azzurrina". It is said that the ghost of the albino girl who disappeared within the walls on 21 June 1375 still lives in her rooms. Through a guided tour you can discover its terrifying history.

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