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At the Mirabella Hotel in Riccione, you will find tasty Romagna cuisine, prepared by Chef Rocco

We are in Romagna! Enjoy it at the table...

I am not exaggerating if I say that the soul of Mirabella lies right here, among Chef Rocco's pots and cookers. After all, we are in Romagna, the land where all matters are best dealt with after sitting down to eat!

The Mirabella's cuisine is homemade and mainly Romagna-style

For lunch and dinner, you will find delicious recipes to enjoy comfortably at your table in the restaurant or in the cool of the garden. Buffet-style starters and side dishes with seasonal vegetables. Every week, we organise at least two evenings completely dedicated to the flavours of Romagna. We serve typical Romagna recipes, such as passatelli, dry or in broth, or baked lasagne (delicious!). Porchetta (roast suckling pig) is never missing, nor is the typical grilled meat - known locally as 'Sgradelata' - accompanied by tasty vegetables au gratin. 

And the queen of the table? Piadina, of course! Stuffed with whatever you like

When it comes to seafood, we always favour the catch of the Adriatic, and here Chef Rocco indulges in succulent dishes with a strong tradition. And when the harvest has been fruitful, the senses and palate are inebriated by the wine I personally make in the Vergiano winery (inland from Romagna). My favourite colours? Red like Sangiovese and white like Trebbiano!

At breakfast, let our waiters cuddle you and serve your favourite sweet and savoury dishes directly to your table. A good cappuccino or espresso and the day is off to a good start.

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