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Our breakfast, a journey into the taste!

Good morning starts in the morning!

We are in Romagna, we like to eat here. We believe in conviviality and in the family, and we take all the important decisions while sitting at the table. And then, what better occasion than breakfast to carve out a little moment of peace. Between a chat and a sip of cappuccino, the day will take on a whole new flavour. Whether you're a dormouse, and like to curl up in bed until late, or you're a lark, who likes to wake up at the crack of dawn, breakfast will always be there waiting for you. The service is active from 7:30 to 11:00.

Nel silenzio del mattino, accomodati e preparati a gustare tutto il buono della cucina genuina

Do you like savory breakfast? Or are you for the classic sweet breakfast? Don't worry: our buffet will make even the sweetest of gourmands gasp! You will find freshly baked cakes, freshly prepared eggs, 0 km cold cuts and cheeses, fresh fruit, yogurt. And all the express coffee, like at the bar.

We are attentive to what we offer you, not only in quantity (we always try to reduce waste) but also in quality. We use products preferring local ones, we support local businesses and we try to give you a healthy and balanced breakfast.

On the other hand, on holiday, breakfast is the main meal, the engine to face the long days at the beach with the necessary energy.

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