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Meet all my fantastic staff!

We look forward to meeting you in person during your holiday in Riccione


One of the pillars of the Mirabella Hotel, for us all he is the only chef! He started this profession at a very young age, but with clear ideas and a unique way of cooking. He has been in the family for over 20 years!


Skilled and patient assistant chef. He is constantly grow-ing, under the chef’s wing. And friends call him Peppe!


A true all-rounder. He arrived from Senegal about 20 years ago, and we have been together since. Tireless and fast worker, we would be doomed without him!


She is a floor maid and a D.O.C. Romagnola, one of those who want just a 'little water in the wine'. Fourteen years of service always with a smile, even behind her face mask! Together with her team, she cleans the entire Mirabella Hotel from top to bottom.


At Settimia's side, she is an excellent and patient collaborator. Tidying up your room every day so that it always smells clean.


Mimmo, for his friends! Originally from Naples, and now a naturalised Romagnolo, he watches over the Mirabella Hotel, from goodnight to good morning. Yes, you heard me right: he is our night porter.


He is the dining room manager at the Mirabella. If you meet him early in the morning, he takes a while to get going, but then he runs like a train!


How cheerful this boy is! He is our waiter with smiling eyes.


She is the one who always gives me a big hand at the reception and with your bookings. She says you never stop learning, even after forty years of experience. That's the spirit!


He's my son and he's a multi-functional backbone. He is like a Panda car: if it didn't exist, it would have to be invented!

And then there's me, Danilo

Owner and manager of the Mirabella Hotel... I would be nothing without my crew! Now that we have introduced ourselves, we look forward to meeting you! Come and visit us at the Mirabella Hotel in Riccione ;-)

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